Kaasi Telugu Movie Is Streaming Free On aha

Kaasi Telugu Movie Is Streaming Free On aha

Kaasi a 2018 release is a Viajy Anthony starr thriller movie based on a Surgeon based in the united states of America who discovers a piece of interesting information about his past as his mother is sick in the hospital and his father tells him that he is not the biological parents which mean that Kasi was adopted and releases he knows nothing about his past, which changed the complete course of his life forever. As he discovers his biological parents live in India, the well-established doctor moves from the U.S to a small village called Kancharapalem in south india. Upset with the new information he starts to really know his past and starts questioning this birth parent’s whereabouts. He gets to meet his mother soon but the mystery lies in finding the father of the doctor.  Watch movies free online only on Aha and experience happiness. Watch Kassi movie free on Aha.

This movie is made in tamil and dubbed in Telugu is purely a commercial movie solely based on romance, comedy, and action. This masala movie is a great way to take revenge on anyone you want. Suggest this movie if you want people to suffer and have a bad time on the weekends.

Although Vijay Anthony delivers the best performance within his capacities the movie lacks in the entertainment zone, as the plot is set on a huge life-changing event movie fails to keep the audience engaged till the best end with very little to offer, scenes are not that well written and feels a little too dragged after a point.

Cast and Crew:

Vijay Antony, Anjali, Sunainna do a good job in delivering what is expected out of them

Director KiruthihaUdhayanidhi does an ok job to show the audience his view of the storyline. Cinematography by Richard M Nathan and editor Lawrence Kishore did not really help with showcasing the beauty of the story. But they put good efforts into doing so. The background sound by Vijay Antony is a heartbreaking unavoidable noise that really needed some extra effort. Vijay Anthony’s films generally have some good plots with a great deal of emotions but this time he failed to impress the audience with this story as it lacks the basic sense of depth in the proceedings. This a simple clean story that is messed up by some wayward execution and unnecessary sub holes. Except for Vijay’s sincere effort of acting, the movie doesn’t provide much for the audience to enjoy.

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